Men's Summer Fashion 2018: A Complete Style Guide

ELLE's fashion experts have rounded up the top must-have fashion trends and outfit ideas for fall

Know Your Stretch Shop It. But of course, only the aspects you want to express and show to the world! Especially when parting with significant amounts of cash. Master Menswear Shop It.

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Looking for a men's fall style guide? Check out the top fall fashion trends for guys and best in menswear for the season with photos and details here. is the leading source for celebrity style, fashion, latest trends, worn on tv looks, latest beauty tips and expert shopping suggestions.
Ahead, you'll find advice from celebrity stylists who have been solving fashion conundrums for years. And we've taken notes from a few of our favorite iconic style stars—Jackie O, Bianca Jagger.
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These, and the other 13 classic pieces listed here, are the shortcuts to looking stylish this summer. Sunglasses are not just a style statement — they can attract or repel, be a mirror or a shield.

But the business of selecting a pair is equally shady. Before breaking out into a sweat, use this guide to shed some light on the process. Most guys subscribe to the no-frills school of hair care, which, considering how much is usually there, makes sense. But when it comes to summer, a slapdash approach will only set you up for follicular failure.

How bad are my sweat patches? And as discussed here: Warmer weather means two things for your wardrobe: Get clever with the colour wheel this season and seek out trending shades that will suit your skin tone, so you can stand to instantly look more attractive.

But as we swap the snow for sun, those bottoms will start creeping above your mankles and over your knees, creating opportunities for all manner of fashion faux pas. Not so long ago, there were few things more vociferously loathed in menswear than the unassuming short sleeve button-up. Fast forward to today and the once-derided style is now the summer staple you need at least five of.

You heard it here first. For all intents and purposes, few situations are as stressful as a holiday. And to make matters worse, the inevitable stressors start on home soil — notably when attempting to build a beach-ready grooming routine. Political upheaval, terrorism, Donald Trump, Love Island.

Happily, the sunny season will duly oblige. Got compliments on your outfit today? Snap a photo of it with your phone. You'll have a quick reminder of what to wear the next time you're in a rush. Take a cue from Jackie O , who had a closet full of sheath dresses.

If you find an especially flattering fit right off the rack, go ahead and buy doubles. When it works, why question it? This style pump will always slim down a thick ankle because the vamp is cut close to the toe box and the sides are cut away. Arms svelte enough for a sleeveless sheath? Legs toned enough for shorts? Take a note from Julianne Moore and show off what you've got-while you've still got it. But Watch Out for the Matronly Tipping Point The pleated silk skirt or little pastel jacket that looked so cute on you at 25 can start turning frumpy at Close View all gallery.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Show Skin Strategically Shop It.

Accessorize With Brights Shop It. Know Your Stretch Shop It. Throw on a Scarf Shop It. Consider the Wear and Care Shop It. Embrace Your Shape Shop It. Make a List Shop It. Round Down in Denim Shop It. Edit Your Closet Shop It. Layer Your Necklaces Shop It. Check the Inside Shop It. Open Your Mind Shop It. Always take one "it's cute but so not me" thing into the fitting room.

Show Some Loyalty Shop It. Matched to your skin tone, they're a pretty safe bet. And they make legs look longer. Stripe It Up Shop It. Upgrade Your Buttons Shop It. Own Something Leopard Shop It. Mix Your Prints Shop It. Vet Your Vintage Shop It. Try a Thicker Waistband Shop It.

Go Beyond the Blazer Shop It. Master Menswear Shop It. Look for Twists on Classics Shop It. The right one will give you confidence and shape under those unforgiving tissue-thin tees. Add an Element of Surprise Shop It. Recast Your Jewelry Shop It. Dress for First Class Shop It. Get Studs Shop It. You'll feel good and and attract the same admirations clothes-horses like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are still getting! Clothes that don't fit, or don't fit the wearer's personality, don't help.

Well, they knew that they didn't need to have a certain look to look good. Instead, they accentuated their individuality. Marilyn Monroe had the curves and personality to create that feminine, sexy image which she was known for. Imagine if we put her signature halter dress on slim-trim sporty and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn?

Imagine how out of place she would feel! Audrey's straight, minimal tee shirt and pants on curvy Marilyn? Don't get me started ;- See why some trends and clothing styles you see in magazines just don't look good on some people? Together we're going to help you find and evolve your own personal fashion style. We are going to: Assess where you are compare to where you want to be based on your image goals Work on bringing out your clothing personalities to create a signature style that is unique and completely you So What Exactly Is A Clothing Personality?

It's your head-embedded tendency to instinctively choose a particular type of clothes. This natural tendency will But why do we all keep making mistakes? That's because of the influences surrounding you it could be a parent, a group of friends, social position, career path, media, etc. This basically means that you're not quite 'in-tune' with your preferences or that you feel forced to confine to other people's standards and expectations.

Together we're going to do some 'fine-tuning' between your wardrobe and self! For a lot of women, especially the Creative Fashionista , being put in a box doesn't sound enticing. But as a part of my image consultancy services and my wish to help women look their best, I would love to get you thinking about where you are in regards to where you want to be in your style journey.

I truly believe that this awareness of how you're currently projecting your image can guide you to improved style choices. And c'mon, let's relieve some of that seriousness - identifying your group of clothing personality is F U N!

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