Best T-Shirt Bras that minimize gapping

The best bra is one you never think about. Shop expertly designed t-shirt bras, push up bras, strapless bras, lace bras & more in AA-G including 1/2 Cup™ sizes.

Away values access over aspiration, and exploration over escape. Before you even put this bra on, you know it was designed with big-boobed women in mind.

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Introducing the T-shirt bra. It's an essential in every woman's lingerie wardrobe, and the key is comfort.
Pictured: Victoria’s Secret The T-Shirt Demi Bra. Similar style: Victoria’s Secret The T-Shirt Lightly Lined Scoop Demi Bra ($35) What it’s great for: It can convert to a racer-back style, which is great for your going-out tanks. The style comes in a Mocha Marl color for darker skin tones.
The best bra is one you never think about. Shop expertly designed t-shirt bras, push up bras, strapless bras, lace bras & more in AA-G including 1/2 Cup™ sizes.
The t-shirt bra is an essential piece of every lingerie collection. When’s the last time you wore a lace bra under a t-shirt? It’s been a while, right? Because there’s a time and place for textured and intricate bras, but while wearing a t-shirt is not one of them.

Leading Lady. Leading Lady Front-Close Racerback T-Shirt Bra

The straps are very wide, and padded on the shoulder, making them feel super comfortable and wearable all day. They are double-lined though, meaning that most people should be able to wear it without having to worry about headlights showing. Part of the strap on the back part of the bra is adjustable and set a bit narrower, providing some center pull. Women with narrow shoulders will love the straps because they will not slip off the shoulder. The band feels extremely sturdy, and is double layered in the back.

It manages to feel very sturdy despite not being incredibly wide. All sizes come with a respectable 3-hook closure. The bra is reinforced with side boning that is not too rigid.

This, combined with the inner slings lining the outside of the cup combine to provide great side support, which keeps your boobs pointing forward. The cool detailing on the edge of the cup and the band actually works against the bra. This bra comes in a ton of colors, and comes at an extremely affordable price. This makes it an ideal option for a great every day bra. If you like it, you can buy more without having to break the bank! The bra also has a great wire-free option as well.

This, along with the fact that it has a high arch for tummies makes it suitable for all-day wear. The underwire is helped by fabric slings on the bottom and sides of the cup, and it provides good shaping and encasing for bottom-heavy boobs. This makes it a good choice for ladies with shorter torsos. The cups strike a good balance between being molded and being stretchy, allowing the bra to do more shaping than a thin-material seamless bra, but with enough allowance for the bra to conform somewhat to your shape.

The shoulder straps are padded, making them feel comfortable enough to wear all day without having to deal with shoulder digging. The straps also have more of a center pull, providing some extra uplift for those who need it. While this bra definitely supports my breasts well, I do feel like it could do more to actually give them some uplift.

Right away when you put it on, you feel how well-made it is, and the fabric feels incredibly lush against the skin. This bra has lift! The support in the undercup really helps push my breasts up higher than they normally lie.

The underwire has slightly more of a pronounced U-shape than the Bali bra. It feels a lot like a higher coverage version of the Freya Deco. The bra really creates some nice forward projection in the way that the cup is shaped, really helping to shape the appearance of your breasts. The fit of the cup around my breasts is one of the better ones that I have experienced. This shape of the bra cup is quite projected, which would suit boobs that are naturally this shape.

For me however, there was a tiny bit of space between where my boob sat in the cup, and the widest part the nipple area. Not a deal breaker, just not ideal. Though this t-shirt bra does not have as much padding as these types of bras usually do, it still adds a little bit bulk. Considering that the main two criteria for t-shirt bras are seamlessness and a rounded bust shape, there are a few other types of bras that I have covered that have a fair amount of overlap. My post on spacer bras.

A deep V tee on date night. Buy at Bare Necessities. The go-to brand in bras, VS sets the standard for sexy lingerie. Buy at Victoria's Secret. Away is a direct-to-consumer luggage brand that believes in making connections: Away values access over aspiration, and exploration over escape.

For Away, all time away is time well spent. Starting with the perfect suitcase, then building from there, Away created a range of travel standards that speak to different personal travel styles and needs, each one developed from the travel stories of friends and seatmates. Kaki Gaines is a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger based in Austin, Texas.

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To find bras you'll want to put on, our Textiles Lab stretched and washed more than two dozen T-shirt bras, and asked women to wear and rate each one for . Lively The T-Shirt Bra, $35; Relatively new to the bra business, Lively's range (32A to 38DD) is a game-changer at this price point. Eager to make leisurée—athleisure for lingerie—a thing, I think they've achieved that with this relaxed, but supportive style. Under summer's lightweight layers, a gorgeously sleek T-shirt bra is your new bosom buddy. By Brooke Kosofsky Glassberg The perfect choice for every day has wide, stable straps, an underwire, and an unbeatable price tag.